Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister, Paranormal Researcher  

    Dr Lynda Cramer, PhD  

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Books currently available from Lynda Rae

HEAL TO SUCCESS - email e-book

186 pages - learn how to REALLY use the Law of Attraction.  Release the negative energy, foods and products from our lives to be our Full Potential

GHOSTS UNCENSORED - email e-book

100 pages - Why do they stay and some go home?  What can they tell us?  REAL GHOST PHOTOS TAKEN BY LYNDA RAE

HEAVEN UNCENSORED - email e-book

100 pages - Lynda Rae died on 6th May 2001.  This is the story of what happened during the 12 minutes she was flat lined, and the following 9 days in a coma

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