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Lynda Rae presently has four books available.

HEAVEN UNCENSORED - Lynda Rae outlines her Near Death Experience in May 2001.  Where do we go?  Who do we see?  What lessons do we learn in the Afterlife?  This is the MUST HAVE book for anyone who wants to believe that Death is not the end of our existence.

GHOSTS UNCENSORED - During a Ghost Tour in January 2018, Lynda Rae captured a real ghost in photos, that are added within these pages of this book for your ghoulish pleasure.  As a Psychic Medium, Lynda Rae explains the "How do ghosts manifest?" question and many more.....

PSYCHICS UNCENSORED - What are the Universal Laws?  What are the Psychic Abilities?  How do we obtain them?  How do we use them?  This is the MUST HAVE book for anyone who wishes to explore their own Beliefs and for those who want to start using their Natural Abilities.

LOVE UNCENSORED - How to be a Healthier, Happier person using Positive Energy to create a better life.  This book is a Guide for anyone who wishes to improve their outlook and get through all the Negative Emotions that attract us. This is the MUST HAVE book for anyone who wishes to learn Self Appreciation, Self Respect and Self Love.

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This price is for Australian Domestic purchases. For international postage rates, please contact Lynda at [email protected] for further information on associated charges.

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