Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister, Paranormal Researcher  

    Dr Lynda Cramer, PhD  

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HEAL TO SUCCESS - 186 page e-book



this is a 186 page informational e-book detailing how to be successful and abundant.

Why does the Law Of Attraction work for some, and not for everyone?  Who are we and what are we?  Learn how to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU so you bring in abundance and success.

What sabotages us getting ahead?  Not just psychological habits and routines, but what about the foods and products we eat and use daily?  How do they prevent you getting ahead and being the BEST VERSION OF YOU? 

What do we have to do to get ahead and be a better person?  How do we "Mirror" others and how does other people's energy affect us, stopping us getting ahead?

These questions and many more are answered, using SCIENCE, PSYCHOLOGY AND SPIRITUALISM TO BRING IN SUCCESS.

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