Psychic Medium   

    Lynda Rae

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Here is a break down of my Services available.

If you require any further information, or how to join these events,

please contact me for more information on 0431325263


combination of any of the following services:

Psychic Reading  -  Tarot Reading  -  Past Life Regression  -  Healings  -  Counselling


Development Classes - One on One development in any of the following or a combination of any:

Psychic Development  -  Opening your Third Eye  -  How to be a Medium  -  Intuition  -  Crystal communication  -  Heal yourself

How to do Tarot  Readings  (how to use the cards, how to cleanse your cards, how to connect with your cards)

How to do Psychic Readings (how to "get stuff", how to communicate with the client, how to get Confirmations)

Bookings by Appointment Only - all services are done at my private residence. 

Please contact me by text or calling 0431325263