Psychic Medium and Spiritual Guide

    Lynda Rae

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             UPCOMING LIVE EVENTS   

Please stay tuned

Big things are happening in 2020 for many people, myself included.

I am presently studying my Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics.

I am presently writing "Healing yourself to Success" which will be available for sale on this website and also available for purchase at my Live Events.

LIVE EVENTS - coming soon to function rooms around Southeast Queensland

Why do we hang on to Negative Emotions and Behaviours - how do we understand and get rid of those?

Why is Mental Health now so prominent in our society?  1 in 4 are now diagnosed under "Mental Health"

How do we Sabotage ourselves with what we think and what we eat?


Stay tuned - starting soon - look out for discounted prices to start BEING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL !!