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Dr Lynda Cramer is an international Author, Psychic Medium and a Motivator and Mentor.

Dr Lynda Cramer's clientele includes a growing list of globally recognised Personalities, ​Sports Stars and renowned Business Entrepreneurs.

Clinically dead for over 14 minutes in 2001, Dr Lynda Cramer had a Near Death Experience, and has been researched by many international Near Death Experience groups, including Dr Raymond Moody. 

Dr Lynda Cramer has many Gifts that incorporate many Psychic abilities.  She can see Auras, communicates with animals, furniture, vehicles, clothing and crystals and also sees Spirit Guides.  She also can see injuries and illnesses within people and animals, giving medical advise.

She has been a Psychic Medium since birth and offers answers to the questions that many have regarding Life, Death and Beyond.


PhD in Philosophy

CBT Practitioner

Life Coach Practitioner

Ordained Reverend

Spiritual Counselor

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